Anti Static PE Foam

ESD PE foam also called anti static PE foam, is polyethylene foam filled with carbon black during mixing the raw material, to get even electronic grade foams for ESD parts protection.

The PE foam can be made into foam roll, foam insert, foam pad, foam sheets and foam tray, boxes as different customer’s requests. All the foams have different conductive, static dissipative or anti-static properties, offer protection for critical and sensitive electronic devices, assemblies and equipment.

a closed cell, cross-linked, expanded foam based on polyethylene polymer resin. It is available in.

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Anti Static PE Foam Features

  • Environmental friendly material
  • Recycling foam
  • Shock-proof and water resistant material
  • Light weight and soft foam, Non-toxic and tasteless
  • High elastic and comportable foam sheet
  • Durable material, Skid prevention
  • Any color is available
  • Easy to fabricate

Anti-static PE Foam /ESD PE Foam Basic Information

Anti static pe foam is a closed-cell structure foam. It is produced by compounding the PE resin with conductive fillers; blowing agents and carton black to extrude certain sheets, then cross-linking and foaming . The basic process can be summarized to the following:

  • Stpe1 : Pellitizing master batch by compounding PE resin with carbon black and AC foaming agents.
  • Step2: Extrude the said batch to make certain sheets with different thickness u0026amp; width.
  • Step3: Cross link the said sheets under electric beam.
  • Step4: Make the cross linked sheets foam in foaming furnace.

Anti Static PE Foam Dimensions

  • Normal single layer thickness:0.3mm- 20mm
  • Laminated thickness up to 100mm
  • Width and length: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, length as requests.
  • Densities from 25 kg/m³ to 330 kg/m³
  • Small sizes can be customized.

Anti Static PE Foam Applications

  • Electronic Packaging and Protection
  • Strips and gaskets in assembly operations-gaskets in electric or Display (LCD) assembly.
  • Electronices seals and sound dampening pads.

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