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  • anti static foam wholesale

    Anti Static Foam Wholesale

    Black ESD Anti static foam offers permanent ESD properties and is available in polyethylene, polyurethane and EVA foam sheets.

    High Density Anti static polyethylene foam is a closed cell rigid foam suitable for inserting component leads or tote liner applications.


  • Anti static PE Foamesd pe foam

    Anti Static PE Foam

    ESD PE foam also called anti static PE foam, is polyethylene foam filled with carbon black during mixing the raw material, to get even electronic grade foams for ESD parts protection.

    The PE foam can be made into foam roll, foam insert, foam pad, foam sheets and foam tray, boxes as different customer’s requests. All the foams have different conductive, static dissipative or anti-static properties, offer protection for critical and sensitive electronic devices, assemblies and equipment.

    a closed cell, cross-linked, expanded foam based on polyethylene polymer resin. It is available in.

  • anti static pe foam insert

    Anti Static PE Foam Insert

    Anti-static foam insert, is a sheet of anti static PE foam material that is cut or shaped to fit inside a container or packaging. It is used to provide cushioning and protection to the electronic components during storage,shipping and handling, most important, it can be easily removed and replaced as needed.

    Anti-static PE foam inserts can be customized to fit different container sizes and shapes, and can be layered or stacked to provide additional protection.

  • Anti Static PE Foam Roll

    Anti-static PE foam roll is a basic shape of anti static PE foam material, that is made from polyethylene (PE) foam, are commonly used in the electronics manufacturing industry, where the risk of ESD damage is high.
    Anti-static PE foam roll is quite easier for production,transportation and storage. Compared with other shapes of anti static pe foam, foam rolls are the most cost effective.

  • Anti static PE foam tray

    Anti Static PE Foam Tray

    Anti-static PE foam tray is a type of foam tray made from anti static polyethylene (PE) foam material, which is be made as the tray shape, specially designed to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) and protect sensitive electronic components during storage, shipping, handling, and assembly.

    Anti-static PE foam tray is molded or shaped to fit specific electronic components or devices. It is typically used to securely hold the components in place and protect them from damage during transportation and storage.

  • black esd foam sheet

    Black ESD Foam Sheet

    Black ESD foam sheets are foam materials that are specifically manufactured with both ESD properties and a black color.

    These Black anti static polyethylene foam sheets are designed to dissipate static charges while providing the benefits of standard foam materials.

  • custom packaging esd foam insert

    Custom ESD Foam Inserts

    Custom ESD foam inserts are specialized foam inserts designed to securely hold and protect static-sensitive electronic components or devices. These inserts are tailored to fit specific dimensions and shapes of the items they are intended to hold, providing a custom and precise storage solution

  • esd cushioning packaging foam

    ESD Cushioning Packaging Foam

    When it comes to cushioning and protecting electronic devices from static electricity and physical damage, using ESD cushioning packaging foam materials is crucial.

  • foam rollThin ESD PE Foam

    Thin Anti Static Foam

    Anti Static foam uses polyethylene (PE) and carbon black as the main raw materials, adding dozens of excellent performance additives, through fine mixing, granulation, extruding, irradiation, heating and mixing and other fine processes to achieve carbon.

    Thin Antistatic Foam is the foam thickness less than 2mm. such as 0.5mm, 1mm.