Anti Static EVA Foam Insert

Anti Static EVA Foam Inserts provide a tailored and protective solution for storing and transporting static-sensitive components.

Anti static eva foam inserts not only offer ESD protection but also ensure efficient organization and accessibility, minimizing the risk of damage and optimizing workflow in industries where static control is crucial.

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Anti Static EVA Foam Insert, also called Anti Static safe electronic assembly insert/ Anti Static safe component insert.

Anti Static Foam Insert Features:

1.excellent electronical conductivity,surface resistance 10^3-10^9
2.High tempreture resistance 120 degrees
3.Chemical resistance,no chemical corrosion
4.Heat insulation,sound insulation,water asbsorption
5.Easy molding
6.The anti-static performance is not affected by environmental humidity.

Anti Static Foam Insert Specifications:

Product type: foam insert/tray
Material: conductive foam/anti-static foam
Dimension: o be customized
Color: black, pink color
Packaging Quantity: 10pcs or 20pcs

Anti static foam insert Applications:

Custom anti static foam inserts find applications in diverse industries where static-sensitive components are used, including electronics manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, medical devices, telecommunications, and more. They are commonly used for storing and transporting components such as integrated circuits (ICs), circuit boards, connectors, sensors, and delicate instruments.