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    Anti Static EVA Foam Insert

    Anti Static EVA Foam Inserts provide a tailored and protective solution for storing and transporting static-sensitive components.

    Anti static eva foam inserts not only offer ESD protection but also ensure efficient organization and accessibility, minimizing the risk of damage and optimizing workflow in industries where static control is crucial.

  • anti static eva foam tray

    Anti Static EVA Foam Roll

    Anti Static EVA Foam Roll

  • Anti static eva foam

    Anti Static EVA Foam Sheet

    Anti-static EVA foam is made from a blend of dissipative materials that help to absorb and dissipate static electricity, thereby preventing it from damaging electronic components.

    Anti-static EVA foam is formed in a mold and resulting in a sheet of closed cell cross-linked foam known as a bun. The maximum length, width and thickness of the bun varies depending upon the foam’s density and the Mold. and the Bun can be cut into sheets of the different thickness or fabricate the material into a particular shape, piece or block.

  • anti static eva foam tray

    Anti Static EVA Foam Tray

    Anti-static EVA foam tray is a type of EVA foam that is molded or shaped to fit specific electronic components or devices. Anti static EVA foam tray is typically used to securely hold the components in place and protect them from damage during transportation and storage.

    Anti-static foam trays is made by cutting and laminating the anti static EVA Foam sheet, designed with different cavities or compartments to accommodate different components, and can be stacked or nested for efficient storage.

  • anti static foam wholesale

    Anti Static Foam Wholesale

    Black ESD Anti static foam offers permanent ESD properties and is available in polyethylene, polyurethane and EVA foam sheets.

    High Density Anti static polyethylene foam is a closed cell rigid foam suitable for inserting component leads or tote liner applications.


  • black esd foam sheet

    Black ESD Foam Sheet

    Black ESD foam sheets are foam materials that are specifically manufactured with both ESD properties and a black color.

    These Black anti static polyethylene foam sheets are designed to dissipate static charges while providing the benefits of standard foam materials.

  • custom packaging esd foam insert

    Custom ESD Foam Inserts

    Custom ESD foam inserts are specialized foam inserts designed to securely hold and protect static-sensitive electronic components or devices. These inserts are tailored to fit specific dimensions and shapes of the items they are intended to hold, providing a custom and precise storage solution