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  • shipping box

    Conductive Circuit Board Shipper (No Foam) Custom Shipping Box

    Conductive Circuit Board Shipper is a small component shipper box with a surface resistance of 1 x 10^3 to 1 x 10^5 .

    The conductive circuit board shipper without the foam is made of impregnated corrugated cardboard for performance and durability.

  • foam tape 5mmfoam tape 10mm

    Conductive Foam Tape

    Conductive foam tape is a versatile solution that finds use in a wide range of industries to prevent static discharge and protect sensitive electronic components and equipment.

  • custom packaging esd foam insert

    Custom ESD Foam Inserts

    Custom ESD foam inserts are specialized foam inserts designed to securely hold and protect static-sensitive electronic components or devices. These inserts are tailored to fit specific dimensions and shapes of the items they are intended to hold, providing a custom and precise storage solution

  • esd cushioning packaging foam

    ESD Cushioning Packaging Foam

    When it comes to cushioning and protecting electronic devices from static electricity and physical damage, using ESD cushioning packaging foam materials is crucial.

  • Pink ESD foam tray for disk drive

    Pink ESD Foam Tray

    Pink ESD Foam is an essential tool in the world of electronic packaging. Its anti-static properties protect sensitive components from ESD damage, ensuring the reliability and performance of electronic devices. Whether used for protecting components during transit, storage, assembly, or in clean room environments, Pink ESD Foam plays a pivotal role in the electronics industry.

  • foam rollThin ESD PE Foam

    Thin Anti Static Foam

    Anti Static foam uses polyethylene (PE) and carbon black as the main raw materials, adding dozens of excellent performance additives, through fine mixing, granulation, extruding, irradiation, heating and mixing and other fine processes to achieve carbon.

    Thin Antistatic Foam is the foam thickness less than 2mm. such as 0.5mm, 1mm.